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Sierra's Story: House of Light

May 24, 2023

Founder Sierra Dockery

“You are not really making a difference with the children that you are working with. Your job is easily replaceable, and you’re always going to be a seat-filler.” These words pierced through Sierra like a knife. She had finally fulfilled her dream of becoming a teacher specially trained to work with blind and visually impaired individuals and she was excelling at it.

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Spreading Postivity Beyond Borders: You Are Beautiful Braille Stickers

By Vasia Rigou April 19, 2023

Positivity has always been at the axis of You Are Beautiful—from stickers, to apparel, to public art—and now they have expanded that message beyond the sighted world by creating their first-ever Braille stickers to help us identify with one another, bring the community together and ensure everyone is seen and heard.

You Are Beautiful Braille Stickers/ Photo courtesy You Are Beautiful

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Resources for Ghana: Redbird teacher’s nonprofit will support blind children in Africa

By Tommy Navickas July 9, 2019

Sierra Dockery (middle wearing white t-shirt) with students, teachers, and staff at the unit for the blind in Cape Cove, Ghana.

Whenever there is an opportunity to support young learners, Sierra Dockery ’12 will always be “all-in.” In September 2018, Dockery gave a three-day workshop to 33 P-20 educators at the School for the Blind in Cape Cove, Ghana. It was a trip she never expected to take.

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Podcast: Faith Marketplace Radio: Episode 163 - Sierra Dockery
April 1, 2023

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