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Corporate Services


Our team is available to deliver engaging and impactful presentations to your team, offering essential guidance and support on your transformative journey towards becoming a more diverse and inclusive company. Complementing this, our meticulously crafted training and workshops provide practical insights and strategies, serving as a powerful catalyst for fostering a culture of inclusivity within your workplace. As you embark on the journey to shape a future-ready team, you'll discover that enhancing your preparedness today is not just a goal but a transformative commitment.


Embark on a transformative journey with our comprehensive one-day professional training, thoroughly curated to empower your team with the skills necessary to effectively support visually impaired or blind workers. This engaging program delves into the nuances of leveraging the capabilities of modern technology while adeptly addressing the unique needs of your diverse workforce. The result? Strengthened preparedness and a workplace culture that thrives on inclusivity. Seize this opportunity to take a significant step towards readiness and reinforce your organization's dedication to fostering an environment of equality and collaboration.


Immerse and elevate your organization to new heights of inclusivity with our meticulously tailored two-day workshops. These workshops are thoughtfully designed to not only instill practical insights and effective strategies for nurturing a culture of inclusivity in the workplace, but also to ensure that you're fully equipped and empowered to navigate the path ahead with confidence. Take the transformative step towards readiness today, and embrace the journey of fostering a workplace environment that celebrates diversity and unity.

Diversity and Inclusion

At House of Light, we firmly believe in diversity, equity, inclusion, and accessibility. These values are deeply rooted in our identity as our team comprises individuals with diverse backgrounds, cultures, and perspectives, which inspires us to continuously strive for inclusivity and accessibility. Here at House of Light, we ensure that “Visibility” is at the forefront of our business.